Germany: Economic Powerhouse of the EU Essay

Germany: Economic Powerhouse of the EU Essay

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The country of Germany is one of the strongest economies in Europe as a whole. A brief history and overall status of this country is going to be explained giving examples and demographics. Along with my understanding of the information, I will try to help you understand the importance of this country’s overall macroeconomic stance that contributes to today’s wealth of the European Union.
The barbaric Celts are believed to have been the first settlers of the Germanic lands before the tribes of the second century before Christ. The German barbaric attacks against the declining roman infrastructure added in the destruction of the Roman Empire in the 400’s and 500’s A.D. The Holy Roman Emperor, Charlemagne, was crowned after he attained the supremacy of Western Europe in 800 A.D. Charlemagne derived from one of the tribes known as the Franks, native to present day Germany. For many of the years following the rule of Otto the Great many of the leaders of Germany had high positions of leadership in the Holy Roman Empire, this lasted for several centuries. (Education)
The Holy Roman Empire was to loosely spread around the 14th Century. The long line of Hapsburgs ruled the Holy Roman Empire until its down fall in 1806. A dispute brought an internal war for Germany in 1618 and lasted for 30 years until 1648. This war left Germany torn apart, spread into hundreds of principalities that independently survived with out the Emperor. In a short time after, Prussia developed into impressive strength. Frederick the Great, organized the Prussian military and defeated the Austrians. The struggle for power between the Austrians and Prussians continued and ended in the defeat of Austria in 1866. (Education)
Following the Defeat, Pru...

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...and resilient one full of economic prosperity. The geography, demographics, and politics have shaped this country into what it is today. From a Macroeconomic stance, Germany has out done all of its neighbors. Many other countries should enact what polices Germany has in play. Germany also has some of the top business schools in the world that I believe is responsible for the majority of the outcomes of the GDP being where it is today.

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