Essay on George Orwell 's Life Inspired One Of His Most Well Known Works

Essay on George Orwell 's Life Inspired One Of His Most Well Known Works

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George Orwell was an influential author, born in 1903, in India, but was raised in England. Orwell is best known for his dystopian future novels and stories, which serve as warnings as to what can happen if political agenda and social themes are pushed to the absolute extreme. Many things in Orwell’s life inspired one of his most well-known works, dystopian novel, 1984. Orwell was influenced by, the extreme bullying he endured as a child, the rise of socialist, totalitarian governments, and his time spent fighting in the Spanish Civil War when he wrote 1984.
Orwell did very well in school as a young child, and was offered a scholarship to St. Cyprian’s School, which was a very prestigious primary school in England. The scholarship made it to where Orwell’s parents only had to pay half of the regular tuition fee, so George began attending the new school (Knapp). However, George was often looked at as an outsider at the school, because most of the children that attended St. Cyprian’s School were there because of their financial situation, unlike George, who was only there due to the scholarship he received (Knapp). George’s family was often described as “lower upper middle class” in terms of wealth (Knapp). This led George to be a target for quite a bit of school bullying by the other students, which caused him to not enjoy his time at the school at all. The immense bullying that George suffered, has been thought to have caused his view of the world to become rather bleak at an early age (Knapp). The idea that Orwell’s view of the world was that of a dark one, can be directly paired with the themes and overall ending of his novel, 1984. In the novel, the main character, Winston Smith, who works for the overarching governme...

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...the Party’s strict control, is what leads to his arrest, torture and brainwashing that he endures by the government (Orwell). Orwell used his experience as a member of POUM and his time serving in the Spanish Civil War to draw inspiration to an event that greatly affected Winston’s life in his novel. He used his own experience to showcase a scenario where the government control is pushed to the extreme limits, as is it in 1984, and show the public what can happen if government control is not monitored and critiqued.
Orwell is one of the most influential dystopian future novelists of his time. He drew a lot of inspiration for his works from his own personal experiences as well as keystone events that occurred during his lifetime. His novel, 1984, will continue to serve as a staunch warning as to what can happen when government is pushed to the extremist limits.

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