George Barker's Life and Accomplishments Essay

George Barker's Life and Accomplishments Essay

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George Barker was a famous England poet. A quote from one of his poems says it best. “She is a procession no one can follow after” is taken from “A Sonnet to My Mother.” This quote refers to how special George’s mother was to him as his poetry was to the England. George’s poetry was important to the world (Barker 2006).
George Barker’s early life began in England. Barker was born on February 26, 1913. He was born in Essex, England. His mother was Irish, and his dad was English. George and his parents were poor and lived in an area of west London. George grew up interested in words and their meaning. This love for words led George into a world of writing (Barker 2006).
As far as education, George Barker started out at an L.C.C School and at Regent Street Polytechnic. Having to leave school at the early age of fourteen, he pursued several odd jobs, including a garage mechanic. Since George did not have much education, he struggled for a while before he met T.S. Eliot. Encouraged by T.S Eliot and other literacy figures, Mr. Barker had his first verse (Barker 2006).
Barker taught English literature in Japan, the United States, and England from 1939 until 1974. He had teaching experience from all around. Barker was mainly interested in the elemental forces of life. He took this interest and incorporated it in to his poetry and his teaching. George impacted many students with his writing talents (Barker 1906).
George Barkers had many accomplishments and highlights of his career. Two of his important long poems are “Calamiterror 1937,” which was inspired by the Spanish Civil War, and “The True Confession of George Barker.” His poems include “Sonnet to My Mother”. In addition, Barker was awarded the Guinnes prize for poetry in 1962 a...

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...rson could have been a sibling, parent, or a child. The poet describes a struggle and his hope to see this person again. The poem has a feel of “joy in all things.” The poem expresses a sense of peace at the end. There is joy and relief in making it to heaven to see the lost family member (Patrick 2014).

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