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Geography Of India And China Essay

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Geography has provided natural resources and boundaries for cultures continuously over many generations. The topography led civilization to have protection from other cultures and plentiful natural resources that they used for human survival or for an economic profit. With a good amount of resources available, cultures like India and China thrived in the creation and expansion of their civilizations. Geography helped India and China civilization develop their culture, spread their religion, and determine the rate at which each civilization’s ideas were transferred. The physical features that India and China lived on helped their cultures form and thrive into their current form.
India and China are blessed with plentiful water to replenish their civilizations and to help their culture grow to their full capacity. In India, the Indus River flows through the physical features of the northern mountains of the Himalayas, and flat areas where vegetation was not in sight. In comparison, China has three rivers that flow through it: the Yellow River, the Yangtze River, and the Xi Jiang River. China shares some of its boundaries at the Himalayan Mountains with India at its southern and western border, though China has deserts to the west and north of them. Due to the existence of rivers on each side of the Himalayas, each culture developed due to protection from others, a way of trade, and a source of survival and food production.
The geography of India and China’s civilizations created a natural protective barriers for them. Though both civilizations have barriers, China has both a mountain and desert barrier rather than just the mountains like India had. China’s surrounding deserts created better protection from invaders from all direc...

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...ue to the loss of writing that had occurred in several cities, though a writing system would develop more once India discovered the Silk Road route that China had created years later, bringing their transfer of ideas and inventions to a start.
Geography is the reason why many regions have certain natural resources to trade, certain protection, and certain trade routes. Geography has helped India and China thrive in their civilization growth around rivers and other water sources. Without the physical features of mountains, deserts, rivers, and oceans, these civilizations would not have grown into the civilizations that are known today. Geography influenced trade, religion, and new ideas, combining many different cultures from various regions in the process. The geography in India and China changed how they look at their own cultures as well as the rest of the world’s.

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