The Geography of Globalization Essay

The Geography of Globalization Essay

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Globalization skews the lines between the rich and the poor in the global community. More specifically, globalization has consequences of inappropriate trading of investment and people between different parts of the world. Linking this idea to those concepts such as spatial interaction(a realized movement of people, freight,or information between two destinations), human/nature relationships and to the linkages between globalization and items such as “space, place, and landscape”. One interesting example of globalization at work is in the nation of China – a tiny country which captures the dilemmas and contradictions that captures the phenomenon of globalization. Finally, the uneven relationship between the Global North (the wealthy) and the Global South (the poor) has created a dividing line, along the equator, that keeps many millions poor while keeping others (much less) wealthy.
As stated before, spatial interaction is the movement of goods and services, people and information, between places and regions. In the instance of China, a certain “flow” has shown its relationship to the western world. Particularly, “heavily-conditioned” foreign investments has been pumped into that Southeast Asian country for a very long time now while China has given back lowball cheap materials for purchase in European and American markets. Initially, this idea doesn’t seem all that bad; after all, we,as in western cultures, have set up our production line in their country. But if we arent careful will this lead to western-style approaches to business management and even western technology (this technology to steady their own economy) be introduced? Unfortunately, the evidence is stacked heavily on the side that these facilities are not up to d...

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...g problem somewhere else.
In closing, the preceding paper has looked at the spatial interaction between the global south and the global north. Particularly, the paper has noted how the North gives much-needed investment but can take that investment away in a moment of pique; as well, the paper explores how the exploitation of natural and environmental resources and the plundering of human resources – the exploitation of women in abysmal working conditions, for example – are all parts of the same asymmetric relationship which holds the south in a sort of bondage to the north. In the end, until international organizations and economic levers – the IMF, the World Bank, even international tribunals – are wrestled out of the hands of northerners and placed (at least in part) in the hands of southerners, the same “old problems” will continue to resurface.

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