Essay on Genghis Khan an Example of a Visionary Leader

Essay on Genghis Khan an Example of a Visionary Leader

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Synthesis Essay - Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan was born clutching a blood clot in his fist, foretelling of the bloodshed and violence he would unleash on the world while ultimately achieving the goal of creating the largest contiguous empire in history. His personal struggle is well outside the scope of this discussion. I will, however, cover how Genghis exemplified the qualities of a visionary leader by his use of technology, long range planning, and inspirational motivation. Contrary to historians in the Middle East, I also present that Genghis Khan was an ethical leader as shown by his authentic leadership style that embodied idealized influence and based his leadership decisions squarely on merit. Finally, I intend to convey how Genghis’ leadership example resonates with me and relates to my personal and professional decisions in life. To begin, we will explore how Genghis was a visionary leader.
Genghis’ sole goal was to unite the largely lawless and brutal hoards nomads roaming the steppes of XXXXX into the universally feared Mongols for the ultimate purpose of uniting the continent and re-opening the Silk Road for trade and commerce. He was not born as a leader or royalty; fate forced him onto the bloody road to leadership. At ten years old Temujin, (Genghis’ given name), brought his wife home to raise his brothers after a rival tribe poisoned his father. From that point forward his sole focus was to unite the hoards.
A key part of uniting his people was the establishment of the Yasa, or code of behavior and laws. Unfortunately, there is no surviving written history of this code but scholars suggest that this code was so strong that it united all of his followers, including captured troops and civilians in a comm...

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