Genetically Modified Animals : Salmon Essay

Genetically Modified Animals : Salmon Essay

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Genetically Modified Animals – Salmon
Background information
Genetic modification changes the genes which as a result, changes the characteristics of the organism. Genetic modification has been going on for many years and as the technologies get more sophisticated, scientists and organizations have been able to increase the scope of these genetically modified foods. (Gray, 2010)
To ‘genetically modify’ an animal, there is a five step process which scientists can follow. This process entails DNA extraction, gene cloning, gene design, transformation and backcross breeding. The gene is extracted from the foreign body, inserted into the new host and once inserted; the genome glues itself into the DNA. Your body doesn’t even notice the new genome, meaning that there will be no affect as a result of a foreign genome being inserted (Bionet, 2002).
The implantation of foreign genes into the Atlantic salmon is only a recent development so there isn’t a huge past on the subject. However, these salmon used to be plentiful in its habitats and there wasn’t a demand for the genetic modification of these fish until the number of salmon depleted.
Atlantic salmon are a slow growing fish which reside in the northern Atlantic Ocean. These fish are highly sought after and as a result, fish numbers have dropped dramatically. This has called for a reduction in the number of Atlantic salmon captured and as a result, prices have soared for these fish. To cope with the reduction in numbers, some scientists working alongside independent corporations have begun genetically modifying salmon and breeding them in fish farms (Gray, 2010)
AquaBounty is a Massachusetts based company that is responsible for the GM Salmon. After many tests and trial...

... middle of paper ...

...le fishery could be established where a suitable number of fish were caught but yet still a large number of salmon left in the wild population.
In order for both of these alternatives to work, it is important that the fishery is strictly monitored and harsh penalties are established for anyone that chooses to disobey these laws.
Justified Decision
After collecting information from a variety of reputable sources and examining the issue, it is concluded that Atlantic salmon should not yet be genetically modified. However, with further research into the topic, more tests/trials and further improvements in the methodology, it is very possible that there will one day be GM salmon for sale. The alternatives should be considered however they are not viable. This is because the fishery would not be able to be managed and a possible black market could be established.

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