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General History
This little boy is the son of a single parent. Living in the house with his grandmother, sister, and mom. Mom 's grandmother, and Uncle are very supportive of him. . He spends time with his father on weekends, vacations, and for summer vacation. He is the only male in the household since his uncle lives in Orlando, Florida. His problems started when he was in the first grade. At that time his behavior problem was not that bad. He was place in a behavioral school for closer attention. Mom, decided to move to Orlando in 2015.His behavior actually got worse. It was so bad they would suspend him from school to be place in facility for children that have behaviors in school. He had regular visit to the facility for behavior of throwing chair, hitting a teacher, and not following directions. His mother asked the school for help. He was recommended to be evaluated and was found to have ADHD was placed on medication to help him remained calm to do his work in school.
Family has relocation back to Tallahassee. Because of his past behaviors in Orlando he was placed back in a behavior school setting after being gone for four months. He continues his history of not following directions, throwing chairs, hitting the teacher, and transition between activities. Therefore, sometimes engage in aggressive behaviors. While living in Orlando he was placed in respite care doing the day for his classroom behaviors. Placement could be from two- three days or a week.
Background Information
Male student started having problems in the first grade with uncontrollable behaviors. At this point he was place in a school that was able to monitor his behaviors. It was until he moved to Orlando when he was tested and placed on medication for ADHD...

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...others. The intervention is to get him to decrease his tantrum behaviors, listen to the verbal warning, listen when directions are being given to him to help me increase his academic skills since his behavior has cause him to get behind in the third grade.
Motivation Assessment Scale (MAS)
Physical: Male student need to be able to his physical wants and needs.
Emotional: Male student need to be able to express his discuss emotions. Opportunity to say what he wants or just for someone to listen to him.
Environmental: Male student needs to be aware of any changing condition that involves him. Example: Let him know directly “you have 5 more minutes and P.E. will be over with for the day.” Respect for the staff and classmates
Behavioral: Male student inappropriate behaviors will need to be replaced and rules put in place for him to understand the expectations for him.

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