Gender Roles Of Women 's History Essay

Gender Roles Of Women 's History Essay

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Gerda Lerner considers differences in societies, and defines categories or stages in the historiography of American women 's history. Societies create gender roles over time, and gender roles are deeply embedded in culture. Differences shape society, from gender to race, and class. Lerner states the stages reflect how the historian 's gaze changes over time as ideas evolve. Compensatory history identifies influential women (leadership) and their activity. Contribution history reflects female contribution to existing narratives. The third stage is rewriting women 's narratives, and thus American narratives, as the inclusion of females "changes" historical narratives.
Gerda Lerner defines the context of the Seneca Falls Convention for today 's (2016) scholars: 1) A small group of organized people with an argument based on culturally defined moral beliefs built the largest grassroots movement in the nineteenth century and subsequently revived the movement in the twentieth century, and, 2) Cultural change often takes time, and sustained interest.
In her discussions, Lerner considers the development of women 's history, gender role change, and the importance of the suffrage narrative.
Susan Zaeske considers the anti-slavery petition movement. For Zaeske, petitioning gave women a method of asserting citizenship. Zaeske credits female led petitioning for driving the debate of slavery into Congress. Zaeske argues a transformation for female petition signers and gatherers, as they acted with personal, individual, agency in the public sphere. These women gained experience acting in the public sphere and in the art of persuasion. Zaeske posits that citizenship developed as a central underlying issue out of female petitioning. Zaeske argue...

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...erican history. Tetrault shows that the prevailing narrative ignores Lucy Stone 's work and the efforts of women of color, male suffragists, and other reformers. Tetrault 's viewpoint aligns with those scholars in this reading list arguing the need for reform to the waves metaphor and periodization narrative.
Wellman, Judith. The Road to Seneca Falls: Elizabeth Cady Stanton and the First Woman’s Rights Convention. Champaign, Illinois: University of Illinois Press, 2004.
This book places Elizabeth Cady Stanton as the center cog of the reform movements, politics, and cultural forces that converged at Seneca Falls in 1848. Part biography and part re-examination of the origins narrative, Judith Wellman considers interconnectivity between historical forces that came into play in the 1840 's which influenced the shaping of the historical narrative of the origins story.

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