Essay on Gender Roles Of Men And Women

Essay on Gender Roles Of Men And Women

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Examining ‘Natural’ Gender Roles
Anthropologists have examined our assumptions about the ‘natural’ roles of men and women in society through investigating the past and present. This is important as the core of anthropology is the ability to understand and use our knowledge of not only the past, but also the present to question societal norms (Blasco, 2010). Gender roles, society’s image of expected roles and attitudes a particular gender should possess, continue to be of great interest to anthropological studies. These expectations result in many gender stereotypes and create a stigmatized definition of what it means to be a man or a women (Blasco, 2010). The purpose of this paper is to conduct a gender analysis of societal role expectations and assumptions of what males and females are capable of achieving. The essay examines gender stereotypes, effects on education and perception of students along with possible negative outcomes of involving men in female activities.
Gender Role Expectations and Stereotypes
We continuously live in societies where specific norms and expectations are constructed regarding gender roles, creating a stereotypical image of men and women. Anthropologists study the different roles men and women are expected to carry out along with the stereotypical views and reasoning behind each expectation. Blasco (2010) finds that men and women are seen not only physically but socially different, resulting in widely ranging expectations. Montemurro (2005) argues that going against societies norms and expectations may result in the loss of ones masculinity or even feminity as well as respects due to societal boundaries. This is because society expects us to portray certain character traits...

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...ucted into our societies. Although over the years these roles have been changing due to the awareness, media and many laws and protests, there is still the need for a self-identity and equality among both males and females. Blasco (2010) suggests that in order for us to move towards improvement, we cannot view males and females as complete opposite.

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