Gender Roles And Expectations Become Terrorist Essay

Gender Roles And Expectations Become Terrorist Essay

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It is clear that gender roles and expectations become linked to broader cultural beliefs and prejudices. Some occur due to culture and religion, others due to the prejudices through the hetero-patriarchal normativity of gender roles and expectations. As evident in the documentaries “Gender Against Men”, “Gay Witch Hunt in Iraq”, “Life at Any Price” and “Guatemala: Killer’s Paradise,” if surely gender-based expectations and norms are explicitly defined and manifest into violence, war, murder and prejudice. This paper will decide whether or not the state plays a key role in all of the above cases.
Being a country pressured by Catholic fundamentalism, in El Salvador, abortions are unlawful because of state’s role through directed legislation and the incorporation of religious influence in the constitution. This overbearing non-secular entrenched legislation does not compensate if the woman’s life at risk by giving birth or if the baby may be missing part of his or her brain, because of the state’s devotion to Catholicism. If the mother does not do everything in her control to keep the zygote safe, then the mother may be charged with abortion or murder, depending on the case. In addition, these pieces of legislation are prejudicial towards poorer women, as lower class women are less likely to have the proper medical treatment during their pregnancies. Therefore, these women are more prone to miscarry and face the risk of being accused and imprisoned for procuring an abortion or in Manuela’s case, murder (“Life at Any Price”).
Similarly in Iraq, because of cultural reasons rooted in traditional Islamic beliefs, there is a social stigmatization based on the issues surrounding gender and its relation to sexuality, specifically homo...

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...tural beliefs and prejudices of normativity can marginalize a demographic and force them to face patterns of violence, repression, and at times resulting in mortality. Whether or not the state actually directly enacts legislation or due to negligence in preventing the atrocities from occurring, states play a significant role in allowing these patterns of violence and persecutions to continue. With El Salvador’s pro-life legislation targeting the poorest of the poor for women and the Guatemalan violence on women of the upper to middle class, it creates the question on how much class shapes the patterns of violence in gender. Because in all these cases, both males and females face some sort of repression and violence, a gender egalitarian approach and an understanding that a state does not necessarily have to play a direct role is not satisfactory for being blameless.

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