Gender Relationships Between Male And Female Essay

Gender Relationships Between Male And Female Essay

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Chapter 9 Gendered Close Relationships is about stereotypes for men and women ideas on how to behave in relationships. The expectations for male and female in a relationships have been set by their gender roles. The meaning of personal relationships is where partners depend on each other for various things from affection to material assistance. Partners are expected affection, companionship and energy. The two main models of personal relationships are male deficit model and alternate paths model. Male deficit model suggests male lack skills in developing relationships with others. In alternate paths model, men and women just have different ways to sustain a relationship. It’s not that men lack skills but men show it in a different way.
Friendship in men and female have similarities and differences. Both gender both value close friends, expressive expressions of closeness, and both engage in instrumental and expressive expressions of closeness. Differences between male and female is that women value time together what men value doing things together. Men and women have different make up of what they believe what is most meaningful in a romantic relationship or a friendship. This is why chapter is important. Men and women need to learn that men and women different gender sees relationship in different viewpoints. Once different genders have a better understanding of where the other person’s/partner’s feelings come from, there will be a much better relational connection between the two.
This issue might impact is when the chapter talked about how the second shift wives would have to take on homemaking and child caring after a trying day at work. When I was little, I remember that my mom would always cook dinner for the family r...

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...o her illness. When her mother died she took the mother role. For instance, she became more responsible. She would clean the house, protect the children in the neighborhood and her brothers like how her mother would have and be that mother figure that is now missing in the household. Also when Troy was sitting on her mother’s chair combing Joseph hair, her motherly figure was depicted. It showed a reflection of how her mother would’ve combed Joseph hair, sitting on that chair. She portrayed her masculinity when Joseph told her that someone was making fun of him and robbed him. She then went out to find the guys and beat them up. In the last scene, Troy was watching the neighborhood; she 's looking out the window much like how her mother used to do. The ending portrayed Troy as her mother, similar to her reflection of self through the influence of her mother’s role.

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