Gender Portrayals Of Women 's Magazines Essay

Gender Portrayals Of Women 's Magazines Essay

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Gender portrayals in the magazines advertisements is an (impelling/popular/effective) way/vision to trace the cultural values and trends/customs. Indeed recent studies are showing that the cultural values are threatened by the change in the portrayals of men and women 's roles in the particular magazines advertisements. For instance these two selected articles in compare and contrast, are representing a part of these potential changes in China. After reading and analyzing them, it becomes clear that (While the portrayal of women 's beauty in China is transforming toward Caucasian beauty, the male platform for hegemonic masculinity in there is still depicting the local ethnics.)

The first article; Cosmetics advertisements in women 's magazines: a cross-cultural analysis of China and Korea, claims that advertisements is an effective form of social communication which reflects the
social and cultural values. In addition, the authors researched (and pulled out) the statistics of/for the beauty trends of used/selected female models and their race/ethnics in Chinese Woman Magazines ' cosmetics advertisements. Accordingly the numbers showed/resulted that in the Chinese Woman Magazines 75% of the Chinese cosmetics advertisements were for international brands, and 26.5% of them featured Chinese models, with 32.7% depicting white models. Furthermore it brings up the assumption of “Messages in the media mirror social and psychological beliefs and attitudes about, and values associated with, beauty, which can affect consumers’ perceptions of their beauty ideal” (Chan, Ng, & Williams, 2012; Luther, 2009). In other words the authors emphasize on the fact that cosmetic advertisements represent the ideal beauty and the exemplary female pr...

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...hout changing male prototype in masculinities trends, it will cause a discrimination case which can destroy the traditional values with new stereotypes images. It has been brought up well in the second article as; “Given that the images of masculinity are commoditized, exported, and consumed in a variety of cultural environments, it is necessary to compare them cross-culturally in the context of the increasingly global, postmodern cultural environment to facilitate understanding the various types of masculinity constructed by different societies” (Darling-Wolf 2004). Ultimately these changes in platform of advertising should be supervised and hybrid with a balance of historical protection and with no discrimination messages. In that case the discrimination could be eliminated and the traditional values will remain in the cultures to pass on to the next generations.

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