Gender Inequality And The Pay Scale Essay

Gender Inequality And The Pay Scale Essay

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In earlier years, women and minorities were barely compensated for their roles in film and there is not much of a difference today. This should not come as a surprise to anyone because of the effects of gender inequality and white supremacy that still exists. While they are idolized and celebrated for their roles the reality is that they are often underpaid in Hollywood. The gap between genders and race on the pay scale exists throughout all businesses in the United States, and Hollywood is no exception. In comparison to the earlier years of film, they probably do get higher wages today, but that gap is still noteworthy. Women, minorities, and especially minority women in film and television make significantly smaller salaries than their male counterparts.
“…actresses – no matter how big their star power – have traditionally earned less than actors in Hollywood” (Fuller). This has gone on from the earliest times of film as previously stated, and it continues because this group of actors and actresses continue to accept it. In 2013, the highest paid actor in Hollywood at $75 million was Robert Downey Jr; the highest-paid actress at $33 million was Angelina Jolie. Note the huge wage gap. (Fuller). Per Forbes, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is 2016’s highest paid male actor at $64 million, while the first minority actor on the list, Will Smith, falls at 20 with $20.5 million. There is not one African American woman listed in the top ten actresses of 2016. Jennifer Lawrence, prominent star of “The Hunger Games” trilogy, is 2016’s highest paid actress, having $46 million before taxes. There was a scandal where Sony’s salaries were leaked online and upon noticing that she got paid significantly less than her male co-stars, Lawrence blew her ...

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...huntsman, whose salary was $10 million. This was the only way that she would act in the film (Fuller). This proves that as a woman it pays to negotiate and demand a better salary in Hollywood; it is worth going through the trouble.
While the fact remains that just as in earlier films, women and minorities are underpaid compared to their male counterparts in Hollywood today, women have certainly started to voice their opinions on this unfair characteristic of being underpaid. Many have come to realize that it is important to negotiate and demand more of what they want if they want to be better compensated. If this continues and these people come together, possibly in a form of protest, a change in the way that women and minorities get paid in Hollywood might just occur for the better, minimizing and hopefully eventually closing that ever so large and unfair pay gap.

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