Essay on Gender Inequality : A Social Problem

Essay on Gender Inequality : A Social Problem

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It is no secret that gender inequality is still prevalent in modern society. With women earning about 79 percent of men’s wages in the United States due to a number of factors, it is obvious that our historically patriarchal society has yet to completely evolve (Hill, 2016). It is no wonder that so many people of the dominant class feel threatened by empowering women such as Oprah or Beyoncé, who have made substantial earnings for themselves. Not only does gender inequality persist as a social problem in America today, but it is also reflected in and influenced by hip-hop culture.
Historically, women have been accustomed and socialized into gender roles that the dominant group (in this case, males), felt were appropriate for females and mothers. Since the dawn of America and of time, women have been mostly responsible for child-rearing, housekeeping, cooking and cleaning. Domestic activities are traditionally stereotypical for women across many cultures. Because of the disadvantage that the social construction of gender places on the female’s roles in society, they are faced with obstacles many men don’t have to think about while looking for a job. As mentioned earlier, the wage gap, although it has decreased impressively over the years, has much less to do with differences in qualifications than gender. Interestingly enough, women dominate fields sometimes referred to as “pink collared jobs”. These fields would include careers such as nursing and education while men constitute the majority of higher paying fields such as finance, politics, etc. A corresponding reason for dominating male and female industries is the theoretical glass escalator. Within the glass escalator, men quickly rise to higher positions within female dominat...

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...le in respecting the equality of women while writing and performing lyrics. The equality of the genders is an important issue that sometimes is forgotten, but can be recognized through Hip Hop.
Lastly, it is no secret that women are often not taken as seriously as men are, especially places like the music industry. Due to a number of factors compiled together, women have separate social expectations and roles to fulfill. The construction of gender has led to idolizing the female body instead of their work or careers. These issues can be seen and are reflected in Hip Hop culture. Women such as Salt N Pepa and Beyonce serve as examples and combat the degrading lyrics that can be heard throughout popular rap songs. Considerable progress has been made on the issue of gender inequality, but through the influence of Hip Hop the gap between the genders can begin to close.

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