Gender Codes For Men And Women Essay

Gender Codes For Men And Women Essay

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Like Slim-Fast claims that “now you can snack the weight off!” or is that just what they want us to think. Throughout this ad, several different gender codes appear. Even though there this only a woman in the ad holding nothing but a bag of snacks, it also shows codes for men too. One can see that the actor is very into her role and that can be seen through the multiple codes that she displays throughout the ad. One can see the female specific codes that she exhibits starting with her being over excited, skinny, confident, stylish, slutty, and is in high heels. However, she also shows some characteristics that are normally associated with male specific gender codes too. Such as the stance that she takes and her almost excessive attempt to be aggressive; shown by her face with the wrinkled up nose, slightly closed eyes, that is mainly only visual on the right side of her face.

The ad I choose stars a beautiful middle aged white woman holding on to some healthy slim fast snacks. This ad is advertising Slim-Fast dieting product which they state allows you to lose weight while you stack. They are using this ad to introduce their latest product chocolate pretzel snack bites. Through this add they are trying to convince people that if you use their products to the diet you will eventually look amazing just like her too.

The first thing that popped out at me was how the woman fulfilled several stereotypes that our society has placed on women. Such as women have to be skinny, stylish, sometimes slutty, and confident. She shows this by wearing clothes that don’t cover her body, wearing high heels, being extremely skinny, she looks confident as if she’s got it all under control, and her clothes are pretty much up to date with the lates...

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...omen have to pay more money than men to have health insurance, and body image where men are expected to have at least a four pack and are not reprimanded for their weight, but women are need to be skinny and sexy. This ad sends may cause slight fuss between people who are agreeing and those who are disagreeing with the gender codes that are shown in this ad. Since it’s a skinny girl selling a dietary substance, who doesn’t need a dietary substance even those who are skinny already can look even better. To be a man or woman in American society gender codes are simple the guys are masculine they show no emotion, aggressive, money maker and the woman are feminine they show all emotion, skinny, baby maker. Unlike other ads in this female orientated magazine, this is one of the only ads that had a skinny girl rather than one a girl who is actually trying to lose weight.

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