Gender And Sexuality Representations Of Sandra Cisneros ' And Junot Essay

Gender And Sexuality Representations Of Sandra Cisneros ' And Junot Essay

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Gender and Sexuality Representations in Sandra Cisneros’ and Junot Díaz’s Short Stories

Purpose: Society often projects the ideal ideas of what is acceptable according to its standards formed by time and trends. Gender inequalities along with stereotypical representations from society are presented as themes among Sandra Cisnero’s and Junot Díaz’s short stories. While society may present and project an accepted view among the gender norms, each person is unique in his or her opinions and experiences. How society defines these topics such as socioeconomic roles, masculinity and sexual orientation are justified by having some stigma or creating these notions about them.
Thesis: Society often prejudges a person by his or her socioeconomic role, toys with the idea of masculinity of what it is, but may leave a person to his or her own in his or her sexual orientation with these feelings.

Body Paragraph 1: Socioeconomic roles
Topic Sentence: The person’s socioeconomic status is most likely to be judged by society the most, and it also is slightly biased with the stigma that men are superior to women.
Example/Supporting Evidence: One example is “Anguiano…” by Sandra Cisneros, the female narrator complains of the male storekeeper bitter condescension when he states that he sees that she will probably not buy anything when she was browsing religious products and that she looked like she was (Cisneros, “Anguiano…” 115).
Commentary/Explanation: It is presumed that the male storekeeper preemptively judged her based on her gender and socioeconomic status only for his benefit without considering the potential customer; preemptively judging others and acting upon them would lead to negative relationships.
Example/Supporting Evi...

... middle of paper ... of gender conflicts (Lewis).
Commentary/Explanation: These gender conflicts can be interpreted as how he could be seen as a womanizer because he had affairs with two other women, and Lupe obviously does not seem to be enthralled by this.

Restated Thesis:
Others may judge a person by his or her socioeconomic role, and has his or her own notion of what is masculinity, but some people may have different opinions on their sexual preferences because it is to his or own tendencies.
Clincher: Ultimately, it is in one’s own personal preferences and desires as to how he or she wants to act around others, and each person is unique in personality and sexual preferences. While each person has his or her strengths and weaknesses, it is crucial to be more open-minded and understanding of other people and to not prejudge people or to immediately categorize others.

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