Gender And Gender Impact On Gender Essay

Gender And Gender Impact On Gender Essay

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Christmas morning, 1998 I cried all morning because Santa accidently brought me the boy Telletubie. At that young age I knew that having the “boy” doll was unacceptable. Now that I’m older I reflect on times like that and wonder where these “Gender” norms aroused. Using the “Genderbread” as a template, I identify as a cisgender woman because how I express my gender, my gender identity, my birth sex, and my romantic or sexual interests align within the “norms” of a straight woman. Although I can easily pinpoint where my gender falls, it is important to reflect on how my gender expression developed. Through examining gender influences; early gender socialization, family influence, female stereotypes, social relationships and my college experience, shape who I am as a Woman.
When I was a child I rarely thought about the societal norms that aligned with my gender. I was unaware that my family was gradually socializing me into the “perfect” feminine little girl. I liked Barbies, playing house, painting my nails, and dressing up. My hair always had a huge pink bow, I always looked girly, and I loved it. However, I grew up with two brothers and they were always treated differently than me. For example, one day we were all going swimming and my brothers were running around with their shirts off and it looked like fun so I joined them. My grandma yelled at me to put a shirt on because, “girls can’t run around like that”. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t have my shirt off like my brothers, because to me we looked exactly the same. My grandma strictly enforced that because I was a girl I should be modest and kind. I constantly watched my parents commend toughness when my brothers roughhoused with each other, while I would be told to b...

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... our society has inequalities and that it still expects women to mold into the mother/ caregiver role. I am still learning how to see myself as a “feminist,” and I am gradually becoming aware of what it means to be a woman in this world.
Unlike a lot of people I can easily label my sexuality and identity. I “fit” into the norm of what it is to be biologically and psychologically a woman. I’m beginning to question why describing gender is so cut and dry and if gender and personality should even be grouped together when describing a person. If my parents didn’t socialize me as a girl, would my personality or preferences be the same? Factors such as family, biology, stereotypes, school, and media play an important role in making me who I am today. I am still learning everyday about what it means to be a woman and its imperative role in the construction of my identity.

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