Gathering Around Whose Table? Essay

Gathering Around Whose Table? Essay

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Eating Out is Out But Dining In is In
In society, today, there happens to be a very diverse spectrum of economic needs. Regardless of where one may stand financially everyone seems to have in common a great interest in working. Some are fortunate enough to have very high end jobs reserved for the elite yet work overtime as a means of dodging competition. Others may unfortunately be struggling with multiple jobs to barely keep their families afloat and feed. With these struggles nearly all of society can find themselves with an increased work load. Whatever the case may be, these opposing poles have one thing in common; they do not have time to cook (Bittman). Nourishment still being a necessity, more and more individuals are redirecting themselves towards different styles of restaurants instead of home cooked meals.
If one discards the idea that time is requisite to cook there is still the much important issue of costs (Bittman). There are those in society who have steady jobs and may be able to afford good quality restaurants that do indeed sell well-rounded meals. The other part of society that cannot fancy themselves with such luxurious due to the fact that they may be living month-to-month have scarce options. These citizens sometimes do not have their own transportation and there for cannot make it to the grocery store (Bittman). Having five fast-food restaurants per every grocery store also provides a convenience that is often needed (Bittman). And who could blame anyone for choosing an option that at seems more affordable (Bittman)?
It would only be just to mention that not choosing home cooked meals as one’s dining option is not only due to economic hardships. Sometimes dining out is a result of entertainment. Going t...

... middle of paper ...

...ry to go from the drive-through to the organic isle(Bittman). Other options exist, the rest of the grocery store and there is nothing better than knowing what is nourishing one’s body (“Forget”).
Cooking is also not just for one person in the household so if it is too much of a responsibility for one person the task can be distributed with those we share our meals with (“Forget”). Most importantly, one’s own health should also be one’s top priority. Bad life style choices are hard to change especially when they are convenient, but change is possible through education and small steps at a time (Bittman).

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