Essay on Gamer 's Code Of Gaming

Essay on Gamer 's Code Of Gaming

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Gamer’s Code
Gaming has become an integral part of our culture over the years. It has evolved in such manner that the age-restrictions have been lifted dramatically due to the introduction of different gaming genres ranging from action/adventure to sports and even fantasy world. The gaming history has a rich-detailed history to it, and is usually perceived to be a progressive culture.
It all started in 1940, with a computer game called “Nim”, designed by Edward Condon, which had a fairly simple idea of defeating the computer in a last-man standing contest. Millions of players worldwide got addicted to the game and it marked a new beginning for the gaming world. Fast-forward to the year 1963, and one finds out that the U.S defense department created a game called “STAGE (Simulation of Total Atomic Global Exchange)”, which simulated U.S defeating Soviet Union in a thermonuclear war. Thus, it can be assumed that the games were not only for fun but also were used to promote patriotism. Hundreds of games were instantly developed through computer programming and were used as a stepping-stone to some of the most advanced games and consoles that were to follow.
Every culture comes with some sort of baggage in terms of labels and criticism imposed by the society and this culture was no different. Gamers were often criticized on their lack of time-management due to addictive gaming, and were called too lazy for their own good. But, in the year 2002, this theory was disowned by the U.S army itself by developing a game called “America’s Army”, and as the name implies, it was a first-person shooting game with various levels of missions based on real-life situations. It was then used to recruit people into the army by evaluating their gam...

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...” games out there. In order to know more about this game, I decided on investigating a local Game Stop store that sells all kind of games on a very large scale.
When asked about GTA, the salesman (Eric) marked it as the “best open-world, action-adventure” game ever produced. He also showed me around the aisle that was exclusively booked for GTA titles. And turns out, GTA 5 is the latest installment released and probably the most popular among gamers due to technological advancements in the recent years that improved graphics and gameplay. After being given a brief history of GTA series, he told me that the sales of this particular game skyrocketed when released due to the much-created hype online and in stores. To known more about the game, I headed out to one of my cousin’s house who is an intense gamer and I remembered him mentioning GTA 5 the last time we met.

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