The Gaia-Eso Study has Revealed New Information about Our Galaxy Essay

The Gaia-Eso Study has Revealed New Information about Our Galaxy Essay

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In an article from the website, Science Daily, researchers have discovered more evidence to support the theory of the Milky Way growing from the middle and spreading outwards over time. This evidence came from the current Gaia-ESO project that was created by the European Space Agency. After reading this article, I realized just how important this information could be. I want to know how the Milky Way was created, because then I will be able to find out more information about how my home, Earth, was created as well. I also really enjoy the topic of astronomy, so when I was looking for articles, this study caught my eye early on. The information is also incredibly recent, which means that scientists are learning new ways to see the universe every day. And if something new can be discovered every day, then there is always a need for science, something which I want to stress to my future students, who may think that science is boring or unimportant.

In order to better understand the study, one must look at what likely occurred after the Big Bang. After the Big Bang, only helium and hydrogen existed in the aftermath, and over time, the levels of “contaminant metals” grew. This means that the older a star is, the less “contaminant metals” there are in its makeup. One of these “contaminant metals” is magnesium, which is present in massive stars, which “live fast and die young”(University of Cambridge, 2014). Thus the study, which took place in Paranal, Chile using the VLT telescope, collected information about how old the stars were and where they were located in order to see if the theory, that the milky way was created from the inside out. The source of this study was the University of Cambridge, however, the new following discoverie...

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... disks theory. Currently the theory is over 30 years old, so Gilmore, the man who first proposed the thick-disk, is incredibly excited at the probability of learning what actually happened, rather than just theorizing.

In conclusion, the Gaia-Eso study is just beginning its run. This project has already uncovered important new information to support existing about the Milky Way and the thick and think rings theories. In the next few years, there are certain to be even more discoveries. I find the possibility of even more discoveries truly exciting; this only serves to support my reasons for choosing this article. The study is ongoing and the science is not done, it simply continues. This is an important concept to remember as a future teacher, to stress that science is happening all around us, all the time, and will be a constant and necessary part of our society.

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