Futurism: An Extinct Art Movement Essay

Futurism: An Extinct Art Movement Essay

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Futurism was created on very innovative and radical ideals, which is the same reason why the pure Futurism art form was deemed dead before it really began.
In the early 20th century, there was a new art movement being created. This new movement was called Futurism. It did not only adhere to only one type of art, but was found throughout painting, sculpture, poetry, theatre, architecture, and music. In 1909, Filippo Tommaso Marinetti released a public declaration in response to Romanticism called “Manifesto of Futurism” that was published on the front page of a French newspaper called Le Figaro. This proposal supported the future, technology, youth, and violence.
Marinetti’s ideas garnered quick support from Milanese painters, as they wanted to extend his ideas to the visual arts community. Painters Giacomo Balla and Gino Severini met Marinetti in 1910 and together with Umberto Boccioni, Carlo Carrà and Luigi Russolo issued the Manifesto of the Futurist Painters. This manifesto concluded that they will: Destroy the cult of the past, the obsession with the ancients, pedantry and academic formalism; Totally invalidate all kinds of imitation; Elevate all attempts at originality, however daring, however violent; Support and glory in our day-to-day world, a world which is going to be continually and splendidly transformed by victorious science; Sweep the whole field of art clean of all themes and subjects which have been used in the past; Regard art critics as useless and dangerous; Bear bravely and proudly the smear of “madness” with which they try to gag all innovators. (Scarborough)
Futurism was intensely loyal and had from its inception revered violence. Much of the Futurism attractiveness had come from the philosophies to majo...

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