The Fundamental Question Of Ethics Essay

The Fundamental Question Of Ethics Essay

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As I mentioned last time, secularists are all for naturalism, which is the belief that everything that happens can be explained through natural causes. So, they have a naturalist explanation for ethics and believe humans are in control of the universe and are the only source of ethics. In my textbook, Max Hocutt elaborates: “The fundamental question of ethics is, who makes the rules? God or men? The theistic answer is that God makes them. The humanistic answer is that men make them. This distinction between theism and humanism is the fundamental division in moral theory” (Noebel, p. 230). If the “higher authority” does not exist to secularists, then it is true to them that man has authority of what is right and wrong. Also, they believe in evolution, which is why morality evolved as nature evolved. Because they are convinced of naturalism and evolution, many Secularists see supernatural explanations as not only wrong but dangerous since the supernatural has no explanation and is based on faith.
Secularist ethics can be divided into two categories: Moral Relativism and Situational ethics. Moral Relativism is the belief that morality is relative to the individual or culture. People’s ethics are based on what the culture around them believes is right or wrong. Situational ethics is the belief that the morality of an action is determined by the unique situation of that action. From a Secularist’s perspective, there are different decisions for different people. They look at things through man’s experiences, reason, and greatest good. From a biblical perspective, there is the same decision for different people. It is based on God’s character, discernment, and wisdom.
Since they believe that God does not exist, they believe that God ...

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...your actions.
Christians believe that God is the rule maker of the universe, but he has placed certain people in control to be lawmakers for our community. He has made us in His own image and we should strive be like Him. The Bible is not the source of Christian ethics, but the basis of it is the first and second commandments which are to love God with all of your heart and love our neighbors as ourselves. The nature and character of God is the source. The Bible is always good and read and study because even though it does not give us word by word of how we should act and obey, but it gives us a guideline of how to live our lives and helps with our moral decisions in situations. The difference between Muslim and Christian ethics is that Muslims rely on the Quran and words of Muhammad, but Christians look for the nature and character of God, not just the Bible.

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