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Functionalist Theory Of Social Institution Essays

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1. Social institution is the standard or usual way that a society meets its basic needs, how it vitally affects your life. Functionalist first priority is to survive in the book there are a few functional requisites that each society must meet to survive. Replacing members so society can continue to thrive and exist, they do this by teaching a child at a young age what it means to be a member in the group the child was born into; showing them the group’s basic expectations. Another would be producing and distributing good and services, they must be able to produce the basic resources for example food, clothes and an education they see everyone working together to meet the needs of a human being. Those are just a few key points functionalist use to survive; now it is quite the opposite with conflict perspective, while they agree social institutions were compelled to originally meet the basic survival needs they do not see social institution working together for the common good. Conflict theorists press that powerful groups regulate the social institution by manipulating the institution in order to maintain their privileged position of power and wealth.
2. When we are expected to play two roles that aren’t able to be completed because they are not compatible which is known as role conflict. -----------. Let’s say you have a conflict between two roles that would be considered role strain. I am currently experiences role strain with school, my job and being a mother, even though I am going to school online so I can get ahead with the week by doing the assignments early it is not as easy as that because my job demands a lot of my attention. I work at a day care for special need children so at the end of the work day I am exhausted ...

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...ct a person’s behavior if we feel as though we are getting altitude from another member of the group then our behavior will change a person will either give the attitude back or their feelings can become hurt which would cause them to remove themselves from the group. For example a few months ago I was introduced to a group of ladies about seven of them and lately one of the other women and I have started working out a lot so we interact on a day to day scale. Since we have been working out our conversation when around everyone in the group goes back to what we ate and how many calories we burned that day. The other women started to treat us different when we all got together they tended to leave us out of the conversation or group activities and in return we alienate ourselves from them. Attitudes and they way we behave around one another has dramatically changed.

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