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Frozen Out By Quentin Bates Essay

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Quentin Bates was born in southern England right around the Cuban missile crisis. At one point in life, he made a decision to work in Iceland for a year, but wound up staying for an entire decade. He used this experience, plus some time he took a writing course at a university to work on his fiction writing. Although British, Bates 's writing is more in line with Scandinavian crime fiction authors.

His debut novel “Frozen Out” (also called “Frozen Assets”) was released in 2011. Besides writing mystery crime novels, he has also released non-fiction work and works as a full time journalist as well writes feature pieces for a nautical trade magazine that is quite obscure.. He is the author of the “Officer Gunhildur series.

“Frozen Assets” is the first novel in the “Officer Gunnhildur” series. In the harbor of a Icelandic fishing harbor, a body is found. The first question everyone wants to know is, how did that body get there? Accident or foul play? Officer Gunnhildur, a female cop, to figure it out. Gunnhildur is a big girl, tough to the bone, down-to-earth, and calls her colleagues lad; her husband died in an accident. Throughout the course of her investigation, she finds that there was something very corrupt going on in the banking and business parts of Iceland. There is a fresh crime journalist who starts to follow her around, looking for a scoop in the case. There is also a blogger looking to make trouble. Everything is taken up another notch when there is a second body. This novel looks into the corruption in Iceland that led to economic devastation that it has not yet recovered from.

Fans of the novel like Gunnhildur, finding her to be a very realistic character who is likeable and has a past. They like how you get a tast...

... middle of paper ...

...iety who were being both exploited as well as blackmailed. There are some other things connected to the case, that only Sergeant Gunnhildur can piece together to catch whoever is out there, taking advantage (and killing) these people.

Fans of the novel still enjoy reading about Gunnhildur, and will continue to do so as long as Bates continues to write more books. She is the thing that keeps the novels going and makes them as good as they are. It helps too that the novel has a well woven plot with interesting and well drawn characters. Readers love the series for the way the author allows readers to see from the villain 's point of view as well as the hero 's.

Some readers did not like the way the novel felt as though the series was digressing, and the writing feels flat and does not hold the attention very well. Some felt they were better off reading other things.

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