Essay on Frontier Airlines Marketing

Essay on Frontier Airlines Marketing

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Frontier airlines marketing utilizes the 4Ps within the constraints that were listed in the module slides. The product, for all intents and purposes, is the seat, in motion from one place to another. If that seat goes unfilled, it is not stored for later use, but goes bad, like fruit. This is a similar issue of production that hotels face. The unit is constantly produced and expiring, with no option not to produce it if it will not be sold (with the exception of scaling back service on, or closing, a route. Additionally, it is a consumer based product, so frontier needs to be sensitive to the desires of the customer, because there are many choices when flying into and out of Denver.

Growing up in Denver, I remember feeling that Frontier was Colorado's airline. This was very much to do with the companies marketing strategy. The branding of the airline is "A whole different animal" and the company began painting pictures of wildlife on the vertical stabilizers of thier aircraft, each one unique. In some cases, they would promote new routes. For example, when the airline began flights to florida and the carribean, they painted a dolphin onto the tail. These commercials consisted mainly of dry, witty banter between the different animals as the aircraft sat at the terminal onloading passengers. It was certainly a break from the legacy airline pitches, which showed planes flying at sunset and were still glamorizing the luxury and comfort of travel. Frontier knew that its target market were people who lived in and around Denver who needed to get to surrounding, middle america, locations. Locations which were being more and more underserviced as time went on (the irony being that frontier has dropped the majority of its or...

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