Essay on Freud's Impact on the Field of Psychology

Essay on Freud's Impact on the Field of Psychology

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Sigmund Freud was born in Freiberg, Moravia in 1856. Freud was a distinguished child. He attended medical school in Vienna; from there he became actively embraced in research under the direction of a physiology. He was engrossed in neurophysiology and hoped for a position in that field but unfortunately there were not enough positions available. From there, he spent some of his years as a resident in neurology and director of a children’s ward in Berlin. Later on, he returned to Vienna and married his fiancée, Martha Bernays. He continued his practice of neuropsychiatry in Vienna with Joseph Breuer as his assistant. Freud achieved fame by his books and lectures; which brought him “both fame and ostracism from mainstream of the medical community” (Boeree 2009). In proceeding of World War II, Freud moved to England; luckily he escaped just in time because Vienna became a perilous place for Jews. For those Jews who were famous, it became especially dangerous for them. Freud was one of the famous Jews, and luckily he escaped in time. Freud died of mouth and jaw cancer that he suffered from for the last twenty years of his life (Boeree 2011).
Sigmund Freud, the father of psychology was notorious for his uncanny knack of dissecting the human mind and developing theories that we later use today as a measuring stick to reveal what a person’s true motives are. He was well known for his dream theory (Oliveira 2011). He believed that our dreams consisted of fears, desires and emotions that we are usually unaware of when we are conscious. Freud shed light on negative dreams as a form of “wish fulfillment”. Wish fulfillment is when primary motivations for dreams in which develops an unconscious desire or urge, unacceptable to the ego and su...

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... today’s present.

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