Freedom 's Right : The Social Foundations Of Democratic Life Essay examples

Freedom 's Right : The Social Foundations Of Democratic Life Essay examples

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As a modern day philosopher, Axel Honneth, in his book, Freedom’s Right: The Social Foundations of Democratic Life, addresses the normative reconstruction, or the empirical observation and development of the norms already existent in social history, of the three spheres of personal relationships, which he considers to be friendships, intimate relationships and families. I will look at his analysis of friendships through history. Axel Honneth is trying to argue that friendship has become a sphere of social freedom (individuals require others to fulfill the aims of their activities (125)), a social institution (the behavioral norms, repetitive activities, and expectations make the institution (45)), and a social relation over time and gives reason to why friendship is valuable in addition to the possible controversy friendships encounter such as capitalism. I will explain this reasoning later in the paper. Honneth initiates the chapter with describing the history of friendship and how it has changed over time. First, I will review same sex friendships in both males and females, and how they have emerged. Secondly, I believe more emphasis should have been placed on the biggest impact of the need to reconstruct male/female friendships which was World War II and the switch in traditional roles. Thirdly, I will explain the "normative rules" of friendship and what it means to be a good friend. Fourth, I will argue that Honneth’s normative reconstruction of a group of “friends,” has actually remained consistent through history into modern day. Fifth, I will argue why friendship is valuable according to the four reasons Honneth gives. Finally, I will address how friendship can have certain "misdevelopments," like capitalism, according to H...

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...e lab for the Interlake Iron Corporation. This was a position filled with great responsibility as she determined how the iron would be separated from the ore where it would be shipped to make steel for the planes and artillery. My grandmother was the only woman in the lab. The older men respected her and took care of her providing rides and encouragement to her. They were grateful for her sacrifice and a new type of respect and relationship was formed. I am confident that her story is only one of many that indicates the changing of times and how mixed gender friendships evolved. Friendship among both genders developed during World War II when gender roles changed and thus the institution of friendship began to change as well. Women had more encounters with men due to the changed roles and became repetitive that men and women would interact and would become friends.

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