Essay on Free Will: Do Humans Have Total Control Over Their Lives?

Essay on Free Will: Do Humans Have Total Control Over Their Lives?

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Early in history, man believed that his decisions, choices and actions were dominated by the unchangeable destiny and fate. The Ancient Greeks believed that gods were the ones who guided every step of their life. Destiny could not be avoided and should be followed. Nowadays, in the 21st century, this notion of destiny has completely faded away. When we arrive in this world, the first principle of life that we learn is that free will surrounds our being; we are autonomous human beings and therefore we are responsible for our own actions whether these are right or wrong; if wrong, we are obliged to accept the consequences that flow from our own decisions.
A human being is considered as a legal model which “accepts the philosophical postulate that individuals have free will and are able to make rational and self-interested choices… [It] accords individuals the status of autonomous moral agents who, because they have axiomatic freedom of choice, can fairly be held accountable and punishable for the rational choices… they make”
The notion of free will is inevitably connected with autonomy; and autonomy is an important value which is related to responsibility. However, one of the most important questions that is debated for years is whether we are actually free to make our own choices and accept responsibility for them or whether this is just a myth. In other words, whether someone else is indirectly having control over our lives and has the power to brainwash people to believe that they are actually autonomous.
“Free will” is often described as the capacity of a rational person to choose to act in a certain way amongst other alternatives; this is one of the greatest and most important values in a liberal society and it must...

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...n choices and be responsible for them. They are continually under the observation of a superior power which is ready to take every single opportunity to judge and hold them accountable whenever the requirements of a wrongful conduct are met. This power and the way it controls everything could be described as a ‘democratic dictatorship’, where one person – in our case, one body – imposes duties on people and forces them to obey. However, if we look more closely to the situation, if there are no rules to obey, then no legal system would exist or continue to exist. Thus, it could be argued that disciplinary control is the efficacy of law. Human beings feel that they can only be free through discipline, control and power; as such, genuine freedom becomes unbearable. As Jean-Jacques Rousseau once said: “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” .

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