The Fourth Largest Religion Of The World Essay

The Fourth Largest Religion Of The World Essay

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The fourth largest religion in the world is known as Buddhism. It is a religion of peace and understanding as well as nobility and Truth. Two and a half thousand years ago the son of a queen was about to be born but on the nights of the full moon the queen Maya experienced a dream and in her dream it told that a special being known as the Buddha will be born again The Story Goes On to tell that four Guardian deities of the world carried the queen up to the Himalaya Mountains on her bed they then anointed her with perfume and Heavenly flowers a white elephant with six tusks then descended from Heaven carrying a lotus flower in its trunk and then entered her whom does the Buddha and be born of Maya the boy was named Siddhartha Guatemala but after giving birth to her child queen Maya fell ill and died only days later the family some and Priests to predict the future And they found signs of a great being upon him and his fate was told to be either a world Emperor or a spiritual leader but his father was keen on bringing him up as a great political leader and sheltered him from seeing the outside world but at the age of 9 when Siddhartha was allowed outside the palace he noticed suffering present in the world the tedious work done so he did not have to and the agony the animals felt in the wild he formulated a thought that everything was connected and all actions have consequences this would be one of the cornerstones for one of his teachings Karma but to curb this interest in understanding of philosophy the Buddhist father attempted to form the perfect place to live one which Siddhartha would never want to leave and so in this Palace in India he was surrounded by luxury every whim and desire was satisfied and at the age of 16 his fat...

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... Buddhists reject the idea of God 's all together but even the Buddhist to do except the Realms of the god claim that they are no more wiser than humans simply live in a different realm and they have suffered as well there is no supreme god in Buddhism and can be described by some as even nontheistic. Some question whether Buddhism is even a religion in its self. many describe it as a philosophy simply a way of life it does not focus on faith or belief it focuses on truth the Buddha return to his Palace but he knew he must leave again but before doing so he made his son a Buddhist monk and went on his way of life for the next 40 years until dying at the age of 80 it is one of the world 's first religions and is practiced around 400 million people around the world it is a religion where the path of Serenity and understanding lies in the minds of each and every one us

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