The Fourth Extinction By Elizabeth Kolbert Essay

The Fourth Extinction By Elizabeth Kolbert Essay

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On a day to day basis, most people take for granted the lives we get to live, and put too much value on the extra things such as materialistic items. Also, the majority of humans are too invested in their personal lives or with themselves that they do not look at the big picture of how what we are doing now will effect us later. As humans, the routines in our lives can bring us harm, and within time a we may become the sixth extinction. In “The Sixth Extinction” by Elizabeth Kolbert, she gives many examples of animals that are or may become extinct. Along with ways humans contribute to the effort of putting them in danger or having them become extinct. In the end having a summary of how this all comes together and impacts us humans in more ways than we would think. We threaten human existence as a species and it can eventually lead to destroying our own comfortable lives we have created for ourselves.
In the beginning, Kolbert mentions a species of a frog that is going extinct because of a fungus that has been brought over by humans and has been spread around by water. It is attention-grabbing for the majority of people to find out what is happening to these frogs and for people who share an interest with frogs it is quite concerning. Weather its attention-grabbing or concerning it is important to know how these fogs are dying if humans seem to not be bringing harm to them on purpose, most would assume the fungus occurred naturally. However, in the book Kolbert mentions, “Without being loaded by someone onto a boat or a plane, it would have been impossible for a frog carrying Bd to get from Africa to Australia or from North America to Europe” (Kolbert 18). Humans have altered the way we live and it is constantly changing it was ...

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...mentioning how the ocean provides resources sand how “Fisheries remove more than a third of the primary production of the oceans’ coastal waters” (Kolbert 108). Without caring about the environment around it does not help us prepare for the future since people seem to put a lot of effort into.
In the last chapter of the book Kolbert concludes how “It doesn’t much matter whether people care or don’t care. What matters is that people change the world” (Kolbert 266). What we do today will have an effect on our own comfortable lives but also human existence as a species. To Step back and look at the big picture is important, we come to realize how the little things play a big role. When looking at all the animals and biological resources that have been put in danger we need to realize how we also depend on it and we are only going to harm our on species.

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