Foucault 's Power As A Branch Of Technology Essays

Foucault 's Power As A Branch Of Technology Essays

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Foucault describes this power as a branch of technology. In “The Entire History of You” the technology is eerily close to where we are now. In fact, a recordable contact lens in being developed as we speak. Facebook has recently created a new feature in which you can go live, this means you can record, upload and receive comments, likes, or dislikes all in real time. You can then go back and re-watch your live broadcast as much as you’d like. This feature shows you at exactly what moment people reacted to your video. The grain in Black Mirror resembles a mixture of the recordable contact lens and Facebook’s new live feature. The difference lies in the fact that the grain does not require any sort of external technology. Many characters are obsessed with their grains and even express discomfort and shock after meeting a dinner guest who had her grain forcibly removed. That same guest considered herself freer, but later it is shown that she cannot even make a 911 call because of her missing grain. For Foucault, one of his greatest interests was in the shifts that occurred post-Enlightenment, the shifts that supposedly took us from barbaric to human. These shifts increased production of goods as well as lengthened the lifespan of individuals. But with each step towards modernization the individual loses power while the government gains power in both public and private spheres of our lives. Police use these grains as a way to police citizens. In one scene Liam arrives at the train station and must go through TSA. As he walks through the metal detector he is asked to replay his last week. To Foucault, this would be considered unknown surveillance, an increasingly popular tactic for law enforcement. The notion that we are always being...

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... with Foucault’s theory in mind, I propose that it is warning us of yet another shift in the way we structure punishment. As society becomes wealthier and social media more prominent I can easily see something like “White Bear” happening in real life. To those who sentenced Victoria, what she is suffering is much more fair than rotting away in a jail. This sounds very much like the calls for prison reform we see in the news today. People are calling for different incarceration styles based on the crime committed, for example releasing drug addicts and instead placing them in rehab while lengthening sentences for crimes such as rape or kidnapping. The government is also making money off of this. Her torture has become commoditized. This justice park has essentially “fixed” what was wrong with mid-18th century torture and reinvented in a way that pleases today’s society

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