The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Essay

The Fort Wayne Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra Essay

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The Fort Wayne Philharmonic chamber orchestra brought the Baroque and Classical eras to life at the First Wayne Street United Methodist Church, with their orchestral rendition of Royal Mozart. The orchestra provided the audience with a night full of compositions from prominent musical composers such as Ludwig Van Beethoven, George Frideric Handel, Franz Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Beethoven’s Overture to King Stephen, Op. 117, begins energetically with brass instruments, such as the trumpets and french horns, opening the piece in forte, followed by the string instruments. As the brass and string instruments silence, a single flute accompanied by other woodwind instruments plays notes in andante that represent a joyful dance movement that will repeatedly occur throughout the duration of the piece. The music begins to develop into presto as percussion is added to the composition with various drum rolls and effects. As the piece moves, there are variations in tempo with slight repeated shifts from andante to allegro and back to andante. When the piece nears its end, the music flows into a strong forte finish with a single drum roll over the orchestra.
Following Beethoven, Royal Fireworks Music HWV 351: Overture, Bourrée, La Piax, La Réjouissance, and Minuet I & II by Handel were performed. In brief, the Overture is an ceremonial warlike piece that opens with a slow section that is followed by a faster contrapuntal section. The instruments that are primarily heard in this composition are trumpets, horns, drums, and string instruments with a reduced number of wind instruments. Following the Overture, the Bourrée, La Piax, La Réjouissance and Minuet I & II are short dance like pieces that provide upbeat rhythms and tem...

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...oloists. The choral and solo sopranos are joyous in order to portray the celebration of resurrection and hope. Sanctus is introduced with trumpets and drums as the chorus sings Benedictus with woodwind accompaniment. To close the piece, Agnus Dei is an aria for a soprano soloist and accompanied by the chorus who returns the opening section in order to bring the piece into full-circle close.
Listening to the compositions of Ludwig Van Beethoven, George Frideric Handel, Franz Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart during the Fort Wayne Philharmonic’s orchestral rendition of Royal Mozart was an night that I encourage all individuals to experience to expand their music knowledge and education. I found this experience very educational as I was able to take the information I learned from class and apply it to the compositions that I heard during the performance.

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