Essay about The Formation Of The Earth

Essay about The Formation Of The Earth

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Our Earth was formed 4.6 Billion years ago. This formation is partly due to the colliding of tectonic plates found under the Earth’s crust. These plates have greatly impacted the way in which the Earth’s outer layer looks and the type of terrain found across its vast surface. One example of these plates at work are volcanoes. Volcanoes are formed through the process of volcanism. This process occurs when “magma- a mixture of molten rock, suspended mineral grains, and dissolved gases formed in Earth 's interior — is forced to the surface.” (Reed,2013) The concept of isostacy is the “ideal theoretical balance of all portions of Earth’s lithosphere as though they were floating on the denser underlying layer is isostacy.” (Reed, 2013) When considering these two keywords, they work hand in hand because they indirectly impact one another. For example, when isostacy results in the formation of large cracks or vents in the Earth’s surface, gases and magma begin flooding these newly formed channels, resulting in the formation of a volcano. In order to understand how these two concepts work parallel to each other, one must understand how such natural occurrences begin, examples of each and what the Earth’s future may look like when considering these two geological concepts.

Isostacy and volcanism are intertwined, in that without one of these events occurring the other would not exist. In short, without isostasy our planet would not have volcanoes.
By definition, isostacy is the “equilibrium that exists between parts of the earth 's crust, which behaves as if it consists of blocks floating on the underlying mantle, rising if material (such as an ice cap) is removed and sinking if material is deposited”(PBS, 2016) This definition offer...

... middle of paper ... one of the newly formed channels created by isostacy. An example, of this can be seen in the explosion of Mt. Helens in 1980.

Isostacy and volcanism are two of the many natural phenomenas that impact the appearance of planet Earth. With this being said, both greatly assist in the continual balancing act between gravity, land mass and density and sea levels. Very seldom do we consider how our planet is constantly changing because such changes usually require hundreds and thousands of years to appear noticeable. However, it is interesting to think that in 1,000 years our planet may look entirely different. Additionally, its important to note how climate is impacted by such occurrences. For example, reconsidering our Greenland example a climate that is typically icy and cold can be shift to a warmer temperature due to plates underneath the Earth’s surface.

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