Formal Interview With Gwendolyn B Essay

Formal Interview With Gwendolyn B Essay

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Formal Interview with Gwendolyn B. Hatcher
This paper will annotate facts received from a formal interview with Mrs. Gwendolyn B. Hatcher. Mrs. Hatcher was born August 23, 1947 and she is currently sixty-eight years of age. She was born to Aaron and Victoria Bankhead of Birmingham, Alabama. Mrs. Hatcher was the third child of seven children. This interviews focus is to gather facts from Mrs. Hatcher’s life. Topics covered will be her upbringing, middle age and how she feels about getting older.
Mrs. Hatcher reflects on her childhood as being very rough, she thinks of her father as very overbearing and very hostile. Mrs. Hatcher describes her mother as caring and nurturing. She glorifies her as being the best mother that anyone could have. Mrs. Hatcher talks of cooking with her mother and how she made miracles with little to no food in the pantry. Mrs. Hatcher even took time out to go through pictures of her mother explaining how beautiful her mother was during her prime. Since Mrs. Hatcher went so in depth talking about her mother for the sake of the interview; Mrs. Hatcher was asked if she would like to share anything about her father.
Mrs. Hatcher’s expression turned a little sad. She stated she would pray for her father all the time that he would be nicer to them and her mother. She talked about how he would hit them so violently and her mother. She refers to her father as Aaron or Bankhead never dad or father. Mrs. Hatcher tried to end talking about her father on a good note. She described all of his catch phrases. A few she emphasized were “do not beg it makes people hate you” another was “never walk out the house looking thrown away”. She said he was not a nice man but his life lessons of business, independence and how to...

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...e is up and running all over the house for them.” The fact that Mrs. Hatcher is so dependent on Mr. Hatcher having family close has made life so much easier for him. He can relax on the weekend visits get out of the house. Mrs. Hatcher enjoys taking trips back and forth to Huntsville and staying with her daughter for a day. She expressed how she always wants to go home and to her own bed.
In conclusion Mrs. Hatcher was thanked for her time and sharing small portions of her life with readers. Again the process took a bit longer due to some difficulties of Mrs. Hatcher’s condition. However readers will know a little more about Gwendolyn B. Hatcher, her upbringing, her midlife and her time spent now in her older years. Mrs. Hatcher returned the thank you and said she enjoyed talking about herself and wondered if that was vain? Mrs. Hatcher is a truly delightful person.

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