Dorothy West

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Dorothy West was a novel and short story writer. She was born on June 2, 1907 in Boston, Massachusetts . She was the daughter of Isaac West and Rachel Benson West. Dorothy West didn’t have any siblings. She was an only child. West’s father was a former slave. Her father was a rich fruit dealer in boston Massachusetts. The West had many good friends that were writers. Two of them were Harry T. Burleigh and James Weldon Johnson. Dorothy West was influenced by many of her family friends to be a novelist and a short story writer. Dorothy West worked hard to achieve her goal of becoming a writer. West wrote her first story when she was 7 years old. West started school at the age of four. She was put in the second grade at Farragut School in Boston. West attended the Boston’s Girls’ latin school at age 10. It was one of the best school at the time. Not to mention, Boston’s Girl’s Latin school was a school that chose their students carefully. West graduated in the year n 1923. West also got a diploma for that school. While in school, West continued to write books. not long after she graduated she wrote books continuously. She won prizes regularly in contests that were put up by local newspapers. One of the books that she wrote and that won a prize was "Promise and Fulfillment" at age 14. The contest was held by the Boston Post. A magazine called Opportunity Magazine held a contest which Dorothy West won Second place.The magazine was held by the National Urban League. The book that won the contests was called The Typewriter. The magazine was held by the national competition. This also started her professional career. West went to New york to receive her prize, she was fascinated by the environment of the state. ... ... middle of paper ... ...nfortunately, she died in 1994. The book was published in 1995. Two years after the novels were released , in 1997, a party was held in celebration and honor of Dorothy West. For her accomplishments and career. Many of the famous celebrities where there. Including the First Lady then, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Oprah Winfrey. Later that year , 1998 August 16, West died. She didn't have a husband or children. She died at the age of 91. At the time she was the last member of the Renaissance. References
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