Essay about Forgiving Excessive Student Loan Debt

Essay about Forgiving Excessive Student Loan Debt

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Mackenzie Van
Ms. Davis
College 1 English
16 October 2014

Forgiving Excessive Student Loans Is the Way to Go
In the argument, Debate on Student Loan Debt Doesn’t Go Far Enough, author Robert Applebaum, graduate of Fodham University School of Law, asserts that excessive student loan debt should be forgiven after a reasonable repayment period and suggests this would stimulate the economy because former students would have more money to spend(Debate). He backs up this claim by introducing the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012, contending that education should be a right that people of all classes can benefit from, and addressing both the individual and the economic drawbacks of student debt in the middle and working classes(Debate). Applebaum appears to write in hopes of convincing his audience that The Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012 is the best solution to the crippling effects of student debt. I agree that student loan debt should be forgiven. Forgiving student loans would stimulate the economy by creating jobs and giving responsible, hard-working graduates money to spend.
Applebaum begins his argument by introducing the Student Loan Forgiveness Act of 2012. This plan, created by Michigan Congressman Hansen Clarke, appeals to the millions of Americans affected by excessive student loans. The act states that if a borrower has given ten percent of their discretionary income paying off a student loan for ten years, any further payments would be forgiven(Varney). This would not only relieve students of their burdening debts; it would relieve their parents who had borrowed a great amount of money to send them to college(Varney).
The price of tuition has soared in the past decade, putting a great strain on families hoping ...

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