What Are The Problems Of College Tuition?

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College tuition has a bad name to it, and for a good reason. More students and paying parents are feeling defeated attempting to pay off loans that typically hang over a students head for a good amount of years after finishing their education and getting their degrees. While the government has attempted to try chip away at the $1.2 trillion debt that has accumulated for college students around the United States, they are no where near having a permanent solution that lets graduates get on with their life without struggling. There are a spectrum of problems that create this debt, and only a few solutions that match up with these problems.
Tuition in colleges go up typically every year, both in four year and two year schools. This can be
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In high school, counselors push students to attend college first, and think about their loans later, without actually explaining how difficult it might be for some. It may be especially difficult for those students that are the first in the family, because they do not know what will happen, and how it will happen. Many are left to figure that out by themselves, learning as they continue their postsecondary education. While these students are left fending for themselves, it is clear to see how unethical some colleges act in providing an education. From 2008-2014, graduation rates remained below 70%, dropping to as low as 60% in some private for profit schools (DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION CITATION). Some schools are even infamous for how low their graduate rate is. One example is New York’s Long Island University at 21.7% at one of their campuses, and 8% in their Brooklyn campus (Graduating from College). When a student decides to drop out because they cannot afford to go their anymore, or because they simply do not like the college, that still leaves them to pay back the amount of tuition calculated for the length of education they received. When schools have such a low graduation rate, it points to a problem. These schools are running a business, and only doing what favors them, instead of attempting to fix the problem, and keep students interested and to continue…show more content…
Department of Education, less people are enrolling in college. People are feeling more secure after the 2008 recession, and assume they might not need a college education to support themselves. But people were struggling when the 2008 recession hit, especially those without college degrees that helped them get jobs, and it is always a possibility that this recession may hit again. As stated above, this rising cost of tuition may also cause prospective students and their parents to decide against a college due to its high tuition price-tag. For those students who do decide to attend college, they are forced to take out loans provided by either the government or their university, which has a large interest rates. In a recent study done by Project on Student Debt, it was reported that in the graduating class of 2015 from public and for nonprofit schools, about 68% had student debt, averaging around $30,100. This is a 4% increase from the 2014 class. As of 2016, the debt in America just from student loans is almost at $1.3 trillion, the second highest debt, first being the housing debt. These two debts will continue to increase, as college graduates are pushing off buying their first home, mostly because they cannot afford it. “Almost half -- 46 percent
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