Foreign Policy Agenda Proposal Resolution Essay

Foreign Policy Agenda Proposal Resolution Essay

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Brief Overview
With this foreign policy agenda proposal, it is my goal to address pressing issues facing our world today, particularly our current involvement in the middle east, and to offer practical solutions for the manner in which our country should respond to those issues.

The Main Purpose of This Strategy
To establish an efficient and pragmatic way of approaching today’s pressing issues affecting foreign policy, so that we may contribute to the cultivation of peace and democracy throughout the world.

In recent decades, the US has made it its mission to position itself as a world police and superpower. With an extensive portfolio of military operations and bases around the world, we seem to be driven by an irrational obligation to be omnipresent in world affairs. Our government has become greatly complacent in recent decades, ignoring the many issues arising from our primitive approach in dealing with foreign policy issues, instead just pushing repeat and recycling old, failed agendas and outlines. A consequence to this approach is a backfire effect, every miscalculation we make gets amplified tenfold, proving detrimental to human dignity, through the killing and displacement of innocent civilians, as we have seen in the middle east. In his article about potential new foreign policy options, Ian Bremmer writes:
“Unfortunately, U.S. foreign policy of the past 25 years should be called "Incoherent America," because from Somalia to Afghanistan to Iraq to relations with Russia and China, Presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama have improvised responses to problems and crises as they arose and not improvised very well” (Bremmer).
In a world that is growing ever less favorable to our omnipresence, we are continuing to act as...

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...policy. Creativity emerges only from an organizational and political environment that eschews rigid strategy and tolerates failure. Successful organizations adapt fluidly to changing circumstances, create cultures that permit experimentation, and learn from their errors” (Edelstein, Krebs).
This quote by Edelstein and Krebs describes what we wish to accomplish with the full implementation of our strategy. To reiterate, it will require some work, but if we follow the model outlined in this foreign policy strategy, we can be on the road to establishing an efficient and pragmatic way of approaching today’s pressing issues. It will enable us to commit to the notion that we should not want to harm with our foreign policy, yet at the same time, should not be a bystander to international harm. This way, we can successfully cultivate peace and democracy throughout the world.

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