The Food and Drug Adminstration Essay

The Food and Drug Adminstration Essay

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The Food and Drug Administration

Over the last one hundred and eighty years, The United States has had numerous kinds of, chemist, doctors, politicians and concerns citizens that came together to form different types of groups and agencies to oversee consumer products and meet minimal guidelines. Over the decades the guidelines have become stricter with emphasis on intense processing and regulations on consumer products. During these early years, there were no federal agencies to protect the citizens from bad consumer products. Safety issues became such a major concerns for the American people that, the federal government proposed a bill to congress to make an office to oversees these consumer products. This bill came into effect on June 30, 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt signed the bill Pure Food and Drug Act. This Act is how the Food and Drug Administration ( FDA) came to form, over the last few decades the laws and regulations from this original act as been changed numerous times. What does the FDA do, in general it oversees consumer products pertaining to medications, medical devices, cosmetics and food that sold through out the United States and elsewhere. The yearly budget for the FDA is approximately $2.51 billion dollars. What are the steps that are needed to have medication approved by the FDA, these steps fluctuate from three years to almost eleven years. Some of the major concerns that effect the FDA is not enough staffing to oversees the outside clinical studies.

During the earliest times of the United States, the colonies begun banning some impure food ingredients that would cause serve illness or even death. On May 15, 1862 the United States began analyzing foods, drugs and insecticides ...

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...w and there is still room for improvement of this Federal Agency.

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