Fitzgerald’s Biography in Fiction Essay

Fitzgerald’s Biography in Fiction Essay

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The roaring twenties provided the United States with incredible wealth in all facets of society. During this time, American literature became enriched with Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald’s short stories and novels. Fitzgerald grew up with ambitions to be a successful and famous man. He failed at achieving success as a football player at Princeton during his freshman year and was an armistice away from achieving hero status in World War I. His success came through an art he mastered as a young child, writing. He excelled in writing and drew inspiration for his work from his own life. During the latter part of his career, Fitzgerald wrote a short story titled “Babylon Revisited,” in which Charles Wales reflects on his past success but wishes to make amends with the past and rekindle his relationship with his daughter. Fitzgerald used his own experiences in his stories and molded them almost according to his biography. The experiences that Fitzgerald used from his own life to write “Babylon Revisited” were his wife Zelda’s difficult life, his personal life struggles, and his relationship with his daughter.
The condition of Fitzgerald’s wife mirrors the death of Charlie’s wife in the story. During the story, Charlie’s wife is dead. Scott Donaldson describes Zelda as “a victim of the reckless and expensive life they led during the boom years” (8). Similar to Charlie, Fitzgerald lived a reckless lifestyle along with his wife Zelda. Fitzgerald and Zelda drank and partied uncontrollably so much during the twenties that they even cheated death by standing and riding on top of a taxi through New York City. Although both couples led reckless lives, Fitzgerald and Charlie love their wives dearly. Fitzgerald writes in “Babylon Revisited,” “He...

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.... Similar to Charlie, Fitzgerald regrets his past mistakes including his wife’s condition. Charlie’s daughter, who was taken away from him, is another autobiographical aspect that Fitzgerald incorporates. The struggles and successes that Fitzgerald encountered throughout his life, his short stories, his novels, and his legend helped epitomize him as one of the greatest autobiographiucal writers of his time, still recognized in the literature world nearly nine decades later.

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