Essay on The First Time I Saw Jackie

Essay on The First Time I Saw Jackie

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The first time I saw Jackie was my 1st year at Marymount, I believe it was at orientations and from time to time I would see her walking around on campus. It wasn 't until the Spring semester of my 2nd year did I ever have a class with her. That semester I saw her everywhere it seemed. She medium height, I would say around 5 ' 5", she has long curly brown hair and she wears glasses. I would also say that she is quite fashionable. I didn 't make any judgments based on her appearance because that 's not in my nature. Before I made my prejudgments about her I hadn 't ever spoken to her. Therefore, any forms of judgment I made were considered, nonverbal communication, or a way I attempted to learn anything about Jackie without actually have any formal contact with her (Baron &Branscombre, 2012). In my case, it came from watching her interact with her friends and the way she dressed and carried herself.
The class I had with her was Race and Ethic Diversity, it was Sociology class. In class we mainly had group discusses and I felt she talked a lot and had a very loud opinion about other people 's thoughts and ideas. For example, we were talking about Beyoncé and average black person 's experience with racial relation in the United States. One of the boys in the class said something along the lines of Beyoncé knows nothing about the black experience because she has never suffered, been poor or struggled a day in her life. That when she bluntly said, "who are you to say Beyoncé doesn 't know the black experience!". Once she made those comments towards our male classmate I started to examine attribution, which allowed me to try and identify the causes of the way she acted. In doing so I was trying to gain knowledge of her dispositions. ...

... middle of paper ... Over the next couple class periods, I got to know her more from working with her in our class group and I 'm really glad I did because it turns out she was a pretty cool person. I also found out the reason she was so harsh with the male student in our class was because he said a negative comment about women in one of her other classes and she kind of took it to heart. Now I think it 's kind of funny that the same reason I had bad feelings towards her was similar to the reason she had negative feelings towards our male classmate. Looking back, I based her whole personality on a few class periods where she never did anything directly towards me, and never tried to get the real reasons he acted the way she did. I experienced ego-depletion where I was confronted with a counter-attitudinal message that made me change my attitude about her (Baron &Branscombre, 2012).

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