Reflection On Class, Gender, And Race

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Over the last couple of weeks, all of the readings, lectures, discussions and videos have been very informative. A lot of the information in the readings are what people experience daily or witness with their own eyes. The issues going on with class, gender, and race can be upsetting and hard to grasp because the reality of the matter is we live in a very segregated and divided society. Topics in the lecture that stood out were racial inequality and social movement. When it comes to racial inequality, I witnessed a similar situation while in undergraduate school. A professor at my school displayed hidden racial misconduct towards a black female student in a course. I would often talk with several classmates, all from different races, about the course and upcoming assignments. While having separate conversations with a black student and two white female classmates in my class, I realized that the professor was discriminating against the students. There were online quizzes due every two weeks. However, the professor allowed the white students to retake and submit the quizzes, because of the poor internet connection,…show more content…
As a student in undergrad, I was young and I was focused on passing my classes versus detecting racial inequality, until it was spelled out like in the situation mentioned above. The effect this course is having on my life is that it is confirming that there are people who still treat others unfairly. When reading the course material and viewing my values, it becomes hurtful to accept such poor treatment because I am black and this could have been me. I value fairness with all people. As a human service professional it will even encourage me to speak up if I see a coworker or clients behaving unethical. As a professional it is up to me to identify and report inequality. It will be hard for me to let injustice actions take place. It takes a leader to stand up for what is

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