The First Electronic Digital Computing Device Essay

The First Electronic Digital Computing Device Essay

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People tend to forget that computers have only been a part of our everyday lives for a short period of time. Many households didn’t even own personal computers until the 1990’s. There are several mathematicians and scientists we tend to forget who made advances in technology long ago that gave us the computers we have today. Advances began with even as far back as 300 B.C. when abacuses were being used. However, the biggest advances started in less than one hundred years ago.
In 1937 a physics and mathematics professor at Iowa State College, J.V. Atanasoff, attempted to develop a computing device that was better than the Monroe calculator, which was the best calculating device of that time. Even after his first attempts failed Atanasoff never gave up. In 1939 Atanasoff hired Clifford E. Berry, an electrical engineering student, after receiving a grant from the Iowa State College to accomplish his goal. Together, in 1941, they created the Atanasoff-Berry Computer also called the ABC. It was the first electronic digital computing device, which was able to solve 29 linear equations simultaneously. From the ABC came many more advances in shorter amounts of time.
John Mauchly and J. Presper Eckert were professors at the University of Pennsylvania who created the ENIAC. The military brought these two together in 1943 during the end of World War 2, when they wanted faster calculations to use in locating missiles and other enemy advances. Once ENIAC was developed in 1944, it was 20 by 40 foot digital computer that contained 18,00 vacuum tubes. ENIAC was utilized by the military for nine years.
After ENIAC, Mauchly and Eckert founded the Electronic Control CO. in 1946, which later became Eckert-Mauchly Computer Corp. Together they bu...

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... created by Intel Corp. advanced the use of graphics and music on computers.
One of the biggest fairly recent advances was the creation of Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi was released to the public in 1997 when the committee called 802.11 was started. In 1999 routers were released and began the wide use of Wi-Fi in our homes. From there scientist and engineers continued to make routers faster and stronger while more and more people utilized Wi-Fi.
Technology still advances everyday and is integrating in our lives more. Without all these advances made by all these motivated engineers and more from what was mention, we would be stuck in an unmoving life style. With the start of the new century came hundreds of new ideas and ways of pushing our lives further into a technological world in a rapid way. However, we shall not forget where these advances started and who started them.

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