Fire Protection needs Protection of the Law Essay

Fire Protection needs Protection of the Law Essay

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Fire Protection needs Protection of the Law
In 1864 Major Stewart Harrison, an English Engineer, gave to the world the first Automatic Sprinkler Head, his design was also in fact superior to many that followed it. But, as so often happens, it was not Mr. Harrison who gave the automatic sprinkler a practical development, and it is Henry Parmelee, of Newhaven, Conn., and Frederick Grinnell, of Providence, R.I., that the credit must be awarded for giving to the Automatic Sprinkler its practical application and laying the foundation of what is now a worldwide industry (Wormald Web). Until now, sprinklers are been installed almost exclusively for the protection of all public and commercial buildings. It has become mandatory safety equipment and enforced by law. Fire Sprinkler Incentive Act (HR 1824) of 2003 passed by the legislature is a vital help in ensuring that every building will be equipped with automatic sprinkler system, thus saving precious lives.
In 1874, Henry Parmelee installed his fire sprinkler system into the piano factory that he owned. He had a vision that his system will be developed into big commercial buildings, therefore creating a new worldwide industry. Here is how an automatic fire sprinkler system works: It attacks a fire in its early stages by spraying enough water to put out the fire or keep from spreading. Sprinkler heads are held closed until heat activates them. Only the sprinkler heads near the fire open, spraying water on the fire to extinguish it or control it and keep it from spreading (National Fire Protection Asso...

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...needs to look out for the business owners. Business people also need to understand that the cost to install a fire sprinkler system is nowhere compare to a devastation of a big fire. Some people can never learn anything without making mistakes first. If tragedy happens again, business owners will truly appreciate the act and the system.
Building owners need to make life-safety a priority. Fire sprinklers have a proven history; they've protected lives and property for more than 100 years. They are the only life-safety system that protects the building's occupants and firefighters. The Sprinkler Incentive Act continues to put life-safety as a priority, so greater value is protected. I

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