Essay on Fine Art, Fashion and Design

Essay on Fine Art, Fashion and Design

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My essay is going to be a discussion on whether fine art, fashion and designers are linked with each other. On starting my essay I looked up the definition of Fine art, the term is used to distinguish the variation of creative art forms, developed by humans. Some of the many concepts which fall under this category are painting, drawing, calligraphy, sculpture etc. I agree that fine art uses lots of visually appealing methods which seem graceful, like calligraphy the work produced is quite delicate and pretty. The area in fine art which I seek to specialise in is fashion it’s an expression in today’s society which defines the popular trends and style within clothes, foot wear and accessories. I feel that many designers of today create outfits, as a way of expressing their difficult to understand innovations. Artists and designers are arguably alike due to using similar creative techniques, and media to plan and craft their masterpiece. Art has always been a main influence in fashion, without fine art the majority of the vast selection of patterns and clothes wouldn’t have existed in the past or even the present day. Take Yves Saint Laurent’s Mondrian dress, created in 1965. Yves Saint Laurent was inspired by the 1920s abstract geometric pattern painting of Piet Mondrian work. Yves Saint Laurent realised during the 1960s that the simplicity and the flat planes, were ideal for the developing sack dress. Later on Yves Saint Laurent’s dress was replicated many times due to being so popular. As shown by Yves Saint Laurent, The patterns on dresses and other fabric weren’t an accident made by the designer who created them. But in fact inspirations from artists work. I believe that fashion is built upon art and culture of an entire era, si...

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...t his collections are art pieces rather than clothes, simply by the detailed and effort he puts into every aspect of his work and shows. He takes time to carefully plan what this event will consist of and how to captive his viewers. I feel that Chanel and Galliano represent fashion simply by the impact and mark the have left in fashion, they aren’t well known for simply making a garment but by the way they think and how they presented their work to the world.

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