The Film Smoke Signals, Screen Written By Sherman Alexie Essay

The Film Smoke Signals, Screen Written By Sherman Alexie Essay

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The film Smoke Signals, screen written by Sherman Alexie, examines the small, ordinary Native American life of a boy that lives on the Coeur d’Alene Indian reservation with family problems. The story is set in 1998 but also has flashbacks throughout the lives of Thomas Builds-the-Fire and Victor Joseph. Both Victor and Thomas must go on a trip to take care of Victor’s father’s business since he has passed away. Victor and Thomas both must be saved from situations throughout the film. In the film, the theme of salvation preserves both Victor and Thomas from death and conserve Victor from living a life of hatred toward his father and others around him, which allows him to understand why his life is filled with pain due to his father’s actions.
Salvation plays a major role in Victor and Thomas’s young life. Arnold Joseph, Victor’s father, plays the role as the sole savior for the two when a fire breaks out in the house while they both are asleep. Without Arnold Joseph’s actions, there would be no film to watch due to both of the main characters dying. Arnold Joseph proves his warrior...

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