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    To most Americans today, life on the reservation is not at all like is glorified to be. Sherman Alexie uses his literary talent to expose the truth inside the reservation. In particular, in his short stories, “The Only Traffic Signal on the Reservation No Longer Flashes Red,” “Every Little Hurricane,” and “Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven,” Alexie reveals the ever continuous cycle trend of alcoholism, poverty, and racial injustice from one generation to the next. As the trend continues

  • Sherman Alexie Analysis

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    Sherman Alexie, a Spokane Indian, grew up on a reservation in eastern Washington, surrounded by poverty, alcoholism, and diseases. Against the odds, he became a rising star. Alexie, born on October 7th, 1966, where he was “miserable” growing up due to his father’s alcoholism. Alexie proves that growing up in an unprivileged community and making something out of your life is possible. Sherman Alexie relates his story to his life. In the story Victor, the main character, loses his father and the poverty

  • Analysis Of Sherman Alexie

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    “I am the only white man living on a block where all of my neighbors are black…They are people, not black people; and I am a person, not a white person” (616). Alexie also pointed out, “We live as people live, aware of racial dynamics but uninterested in their applications as it applies to our neighborhood” (616). Alexie not only sees his neighbors as people, but he does know the reality of the world and as hard as people try, people will see the race of others and label them. With the word

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    Sherman Alexie The odds were against Sherman Alexie on that day in October 1966. Not only was he born a minority, but he was also hydrocephalic. At the age of 6 months, he had a brain operation, but was not expected to live. Though he pulled through, doctors predicted he would be severely mentally retarded. Fortunately, they were wrong, but he did suffer through seizures and wet his bed throughout his childhood ("What" 1). Rather than being called "Native American," which he feels is a "guilty

  • Repetition In Sherman Alexie's Writing By Sherman Alexie

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    Sherman Alexie was a man who is telling us about his life. As an author he uses a lot of repetition, understatement, analogy, and antithesis. Alexie was a man of greater words and was a little Indian boy at the beginning of the story and later became a role model for other boys like him who were shy and alone. Alexie was someone who used his writing to inspire others such as other Indian kids like himself to keep learning and become the best that they can be. Alexie tends to use a lot of repetition

  • Sherman Alexie And Malcom X

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    The short story “Superman and Me” by Sherman Alexie, and the excerpt “Learning to Read” from The Autobiography of Malcom X had similar themes, although they were written with different styles. The theme these two stories had alike was the power of learning through books and reading. Sherman Alexie and Malcom X both drastically improved their education by teaching themselves new things. They did this by reading books, dictionaries, and anything else that interested them. It is amazing what these two

  • Reservation Blues by Sherman Alexie

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    In the novel Reservation Blues, most of the characters struggle with their identity at some point. Victor has an especially strong urge to rebel against his Native American heritage, which is apparent in his violent, arrogant demeanor and his obvious problem with alcohol. Victor is tied to his past and has trouble coping with his life as it is, and is in a constant battle with himself, his surroundings, and other people. Early in the book, Victor is portrayed as somewhat of a bully, and he and

  • Alcoholism In Reservation Blues, By Sherman Alexie

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    regulated centuries before. Due to the history and factors such as socioeconomics, cultural, and genetics has influenced modern Native Americans to abuse alcohol even more which had a destructive impact on their culture. In his book Reservation Blues, Sherman Alexie a Native American himself describes the lives of Native Americans in Spokane reservation in Washington State. In the book, alcoholism is discussed and covered with deliberate details which haunt the reservation. So one of the reasons of such a

  • Analysis Of Flight Patterns By Sherman Alexie

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    Concealing Possession and Perfection “Flight Patterns,” by Sherman Alexie, tells an interesting story of a man named William, who is a Spokane Indian and lives in Washington State with his wife Marie and five-year-old daughter Grace. William struggles with living between the traditionalist American and Indian worlds by appearing confident and assured, but on the inside, he is actually weak, fearful, and has an abundance of obsessions. He loves his job and hates it at the same time, He needs to fly

  • Eudora Welty And Sherman Alexie Comparison Essay

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    Eudora Welty and Sherman Alexie were born half a century apart, raised in completely different cultures, and had different financial lives. Eudora Welty was born in Mississippi and grew up in a middle-class house while Sherman Alexie was born on a tribal reservation in the state of Washington and grew up “middle-class by reservation standards (Alexie 496)” but was actually poor. Although they almost lived completely different lives, they shared many similarities. Throughout One Writer’s Beginnings