Film Review : 12 Years A Slave Essay

Film Review : 12 Years A Slave Essay

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Film review of “12 Years a Slave”
After watching “12 Years a Slave”, I was so shocked at what the black man experienced. During that years, that kinds of life condition, the movie presents the slave suffered unequal treatment and no one are willing to believe and help him to regain freedom after clarifying his identity. These kinds of sadness and pain are our young people, who living in the relatively equal periods, never experienced. In fact, even though black slave period has passed, however, does similar situation still exist in our life?
The movie was mainly taking about a free black men, who was a carpenter and violinist with his family live in Saratoga Springs, was tricked by two white men to Washington D.C. then he was sold to different farmer as a black slave. After 12 years as a slave, because he still look forward to freedom and unremitting efforts, a kindheartedly Canada man help him to send letter back to his home, after a lawsuit, he regain freedom finally. The movie was trying to emphasize the how terrible did the main character was experienced as a slave, and it was ...

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