Film Analysis : The Night Of The Living Dead

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“Night of the Living Dead” Film Analysis Essay Connor McGuire 66 sentences The Night of the Living Dead is a 1968 horror film that shocked the country with its concept of zombies attacking the living. In the beginning you have two siblings Barbara and going to put a reef on their grandfather's grave for their grandmother. They traveled a far distance to get their and as Barbara is being picked on by her brother they spot a man walking around the graveyard. Barbara’s brother chooses this as an opportunity to mess with his sister by telling her the man is after her. She quickly dismisses her brother’s childish behavior to apologize to the man for her brother words, but to her surprise the man attacks her and tries to kill her. Barbara’ brother tries to save her but he unwillingly traded places with her on death’s doorstep. Barbara escapes to her car and tries to get it working as the man attacks her car with a rock breaking the window. As Barbara tries to drive away she crashes her vehicle and is left with no means of transportation. Barbara just escapes on foot in the nick of time to find herself at a house out in the middle of nowhere. As she investigates the house she find a half eating corpse and tries to call for help with the use of a phone but the man had caught up to her and had broken the wires disabling communications. Barbara then decides to leave but is stopped by multiple deranged people outside the house but to her luck a young black man named Ben comes and kills the deranged individuals in hopes of finding shelter. Ben decides to increase the defensive weaknesses of the house by boarding up the windows. This is all while Barbara is starting to become hysterical and forces Ben to have to incapacitate her. Ben... ... middle of paper ... ...mes to my thoughts on this movie I believe under all the scares and horror there is a much deeper message that discusses the nature of humans in a world where order is broken and chaos reigns. Some solutions to the social problem of the time were no doubt helped by this films choice to put a black actor in a leading role of the movie being that many movies that came after felt it was okay to finally put black actors in leading roles. “26 Things We Learned From the 'Night of the Living Dead' Commentary.” Film School Rejects, 4 May 2017, “Fighting Two Wars: George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead as a Critique of 1960s American Society.” Sequart Organization,
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